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respect for natural methods and traditional winemaking !

Aware of the importance of the quality oh the terroir that we have in the Var (83) and with the greatest repect for it, Chateau Saint-Pierre has been able to preserve cultivation methods so that the vines can give the best of itself.

Traditional vinification, associed with various technological advances, has made it possible to achieve the main objective of Chateau Saint-Pierre, namely to preserve the typicity and quality of its wines. In order to guarantee optimal quality, production is deliberately limited by us to keep only the best of each of our cuvées. For many years, we have been working to capitalize on our knowledge and our essential values to bottle the most qualitative Provence wine that it is possible to produce in our Var vineyard.

From the vine to the winery Château Saint-Pierre

First stage carried out, the harvest. Since 1968, Château Saint-Pierre has had recourse to the Cammareri family who come from Italy to carry out a large part of the harvest by hand. The other part of our vineyard is machine harvested. Modern techniques allow the bunches to be harvestes while respecting the environment. Now is the long awaited time to reap the rewards of a year of hard work !

The freshly harvested grapes will then undergo different stages. Destemming consists of delicately separating the berries from their bunch so as not to give the wine a vegetal or berbaceous taste. Then, the crushing of the berries, formerly carried out with our feet, makes it possible to burst the grapes in order to release the pulp, the skin, the seeds and the juice. Today we use modern techniques to get the best of the what the vine has to offer.

Finally, before alcoholic fermentation, to obtain the beautiful color of our much appreciated rose wine of Provence, we opt for two differents methods: skin maceration for a sustained rose color and a beautiful aromatic complexity or direct pressing for a light rosé color and an aromatic finesse.

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Tradition and modernity for successful vinification

The winemaking is a process that requires knowledge and a love for tradition. After obtaining a "free-run wine" (vin de goutte) or a "press wine" (vin de presse) according to the chosen maceration method, our Provence wines will continue their alcoholic fermentation in vats. The winegrower's knowledge will be to control, monitor and adapt the temperature and sulphites to obtain the highest quality rosé, red or white wine.

This traditional vinification, associated with various technological advances, allows the typicity and quality of Château Saint-Pierre wines to be preserved. This is the main objective of our vineyard which allows us today to satisfy an increasingly informed clientele.

Sensitive to respect for the environment and nature, as well as respect for the purest winegrowing tradition, our vineyard is cultivated with care to allow the vines to flourish fully by themselves. Combined with modern techniques, these values allow us to produce and offer you the best wines of Provence ! From the Tradition cuvée with its lightness to the Prieur cuvée with its power, come and discover the cuvées for which our Provence vineyard is so famous.

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Our Labels

A guarantee of quality and authenticity, they are signs of our commitments to you : cultivate our vines while respecting our terroir and our environment, vinify by ourselves our own Provence wines in our winery, sell our products by sharingour passion with you, offer you quality wine tourism (oenotourisme) services and optimize the welcome for our cyclists in the region.

The choise of tradition, respect for the land and the terroir

Because we want to respect the values of our wine passion, we keep a traditional vine culture.

Château Saint Pierre hase chosen cultivation techniques that respect the environment, such as grassing, natural amendment and ground work. Thanks to this respect for the ancestral knwlede of the land and the winegrowing culture in the Var, we have been able to preserve and enhance our domain to make it a recognized vineyard today. Our wines are tasted throughout France and even abroad, wich allows us to have wide recognition of our production.

In each of our Provence wines, we pass on the viticultural values that the winery's family history offers us. .

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