Discover the vineyard of Château Saint Pierre : welcome to the history of an exceptional family estate in Provence !

A land of excellence

The Romans were the pioneers of viticulture in Provence. Since that time, the southern climate has contributed to the elaboration of aromatic and typical wines.

Although summer temperatures are usually very high, they are tempered by strong winds, such as the Mistral, which are beneficial to the vines.The Provençal rain showers in autumn and spring provide our grapes with an adequate amount of water, an ideal symbiosis to achieve a perfect balance for our wines.

In this land of flavours, we are writing the story of our wines and our wine estate, the story of an exciting dream... the eternal Provence.

A place stepped in history

Nestled in the centre of Provence, this historic Bastide houses the remains of the Saint-Pierre priory, whose origins date back to the 11th century. Formerly the property of Foulques, the Lord of Les Arcs, this church was bequeathed to the Abbey of Saint-Victor in Marseille in the year 1055.

Built on the ruins of a Gallo-Roman villa dating from the 1st century B.C., the priory's marble and mosaics bear witness to its past wealth. Over the years, this exceptional place has been transformed into a private estate with an orchard and then into a vineyard while retaining its unique and timeless charm.

At present, it is a harmonious part of the splendour of the Provençal Bastide, where history meets culture.

The domain through the centuries

The 20th century was marked by profound changes for the domain. Since the 1970s, the vineyard has owed its reputation to the excellent quality of its wines. The Château Saint-Pierre domain continues to be guarded like a family treasure and is constantly striving to enhance the reputation of its wines.

Its history continues with a wide range of exceptional wines waiting to be enjoyed, while at the same time new olive groves are being planted to ennoble the old-established agricultural land.

Discover the impressive history of this domain, where past and present come together.

A touch of Provence

Hidden away in the heart of Provence, the Château Saint-Pierre domain nestles in an oasis of greenery, North-East of the Maures plain. It benefits from an ideal climate that favours the production of our exceptional wines. The Maures Massif, with its pleasant scent of the pine forest surrounding our vineyards, is just a stone's throw away from the domain.

Throughout the seasons, the grapes bask in the sunshine and are steeped in sugar and Provençal aromas. The result is a perfect harmony between the earth and the sky that brings our Côtes de Provence grapes to life, drop by drop.

Every single sip of our wines is a real encounter with the Provençal terroir, a veritable invitation to travel and experience authenticity.

Cherishing our land

The world of viticulture is based on humans' work and craftsmanship. Its history is interwoven with the seasons, a thriving culture, and an art of living that embellishes everyday life. The flavours and pleasures you taste in a glass of wine are the fruit of the work of a passionate team of professionals involved in winemaking.

Respect for the territory is the key to our activity to preserve the evolved connection with the nourishing Provençal land. Behind every bottle of wine from the domain stands the testimony of ancestral know-how, and every grape variety whispers the secrets of this exceptional terroir.

The union between humans and nature takes place in our vineyards, revealing the flavours of a centuries-old heritage.

Our mission : your delight

At the heart of our magnificent domain in the Var department, you can taste our wide range of wines, the fruit of our precious labour. We welcome you in a cosy, charming, and friendly atmosphere to share with you our passion for the wine culture.

In this peaceful setting, the French way of life is at its best. You will enjoy it with your loved ones. We invite you to this festival of flavours and aromas, where the art of winemaking combines with the tasting of our grape varieties to create a real voyage of the senses.

At Château Saint-Pierre, our main goal is to give you the pleasure of tasting exceptional wines.
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