Located in the heart of beautiful Provence, our vineyard, Château Saint-Pierre, invites you to immerse yourself in the enchanting universe of our Côtes de Provence rosé wines. Each cuvée, perfected by a large palette of aromas, is like an inimitable melody, a unique experience that beguiles your senses and awakens your emotions by finding the perfect chord to enchant your palate.

At the opening of a sunny wine tasting, you might be seduced by the freshness and subtle delicacy of a bottle of "Tradition", marked by the natural elegance of the terroir of the Var department. Or perhaps you would prefer to venture into an intense and voluptuous experience with the full-bodied cuvee of our "Marie". When the call of mystery intrigues you, let yourself be tempted by "Le Prieur", a Rosé wine with a unique character, whose woody finish blends with smoky flavours.

Every sip of our Côtes de Provence Rosé reveals the soul of our rich, sun- drenched Var terroir.


Let yourself be seduced by our grape varieties, with their unique character and beguiling nuances. Each grape variety brings its own individual note of flavour to our creations, offering you wines of excellence with an exquisite touch. Our red wines, enriched by Syrah, reveal smooth flavours of black fruit, violets, and peppery spices. The Grenache grape, indispensable in our Rosé wines, combines brilliantly a harmony between freshness and generosity for a refined and summery wine enjoyment. As the guardian of our white wines, the Rolle grape is revealed in all its splendour, dominating our wines with a touch of finesse that reveals an inimitable bouquet of fruity aromas.

Other grape varieties, such as Cinsault, Cabernet Sauvignon, Mourvédre, Clairette and Ugni-Blanc, also contribute to the richness and complexity of our wines. They bring their unique character and touch to create quality wines that celebrate the passion for the terroir and the vines.

At the domain Château Saint-Pierre, every glass is an invitation to escape, where nature and the winemaker's art unite to create exceptional moments.


Our winery, steeped in the knowledge of our ancestors, is the sanctuary where our most precious wines are created. Every step of the winemaking process is carried out with passion and dedication to produce the finest and most exceptional wines. At the heart of this creative treasure trove resides our selection of French oak barrels and our stainless-steel tanks, where our wines are gently cellared.

In this woody cocoon, our precious nectars mature and are enriched with subtle aromas and beguiling nuances that give each sip its character. Each step taken on our tanks and barrels is the result of expertise passed down from generation to generation, a passion that transcends the centuries. As a precious heritage, this know-how transmits to our wines a unique personality and an imperishable signature, intended to awaken your senses.

In our winery, the spirit of the Provençal vines is captured in every single drop to ensure the quality of our exceptional wines.


The grapes and olives are grown in the heart of our Provençal domain, on a large area with numerous plots. In this generous land, our artisans sow their passion and skill, creating a unique relationship between nature and our way of life. Our winemakers and olive growers are like artists of the terroir, highlighting the potential of each plot, guided by respect for tradition. They guard these plots with patience and sensitivity, harvesting each fruit at the ideal time to release its exhilarating essence.

Our wines and olive oils are much more than a simple product: They are the taste of the terroir, the essence of our history, of our land, and of our soul.


As a promise to nature, we have decided to protect our land through organic and sustainable agriculture. Our HVE-label is a first step, but we want to go further to protect and care for every parcel of our vineyard. With each cuvee and each olive oil, we want to offer the subtle fragrance of our love for this sacred soil. We are the messengers of its history and the guardians of its future. From now on, each bottle will be marked by a promise: The promise to preserve the richness of nature by caring for and protecting our vineyards and olive trees.

Here, at the heart of our domain in the Var, we have chosen to be the artisans of authenticity and the guardians of harmony between humans and nature.
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