31/07 2021

Olive oil from the Château

As you have certainly noticed, our vineyard is planted with magnificient olive trees at the etrance. As with wine, the climate for 2020 was conducive to a good olive harvest in November.

Following a strong demand from you, we have decided to market our own olive oil where the quantity will vary depending the harvest.

This olive oil, fruity, pleasant and sweet on the palate will perfectly season your summer salads ! It is available in a 1 liter bottle, on sale only at our winery located in Les Arcs sur Argens at 18 € per liter.

Our oil from the olive trees of the Les Arcs winery

Our olive oil is a misture of Bouteillan, Lucques, Cailletier, Grossanne and Picholine. Most of these olive varieties are sought after in oils because they typically come from Provence, such as Bouteillan or Picholine.

Our olive trees were planted over 25 years ago by the current owner of the vineyard, Jean-Philippe Victor. Initially a vast orchard where you could harvest peaches and melons or grapes and olives, Château Saint-Pierre has become, over the years, exclusively a producer of AOP Côtes de Provence wines. Consult the history of our vineyard to found out more.

But, in the 90s, when Jean-Philippe Victor took over the family winery, he wanted to reconnect with the provencal history of the vineyard. He therefore decides to replant the olive trees in the exact place where his grandfather had cultivated them before him.

He therefore carries out the planting of provencal varieties but also others which are pollinators. This mixture of olive varieties makes the quality of our olive oil from Les Arcs.

From harvest to sale : handmade and local

The picking of olives took place last November. Our wine team was responsible for picking our olives by hand.

Once picked, they were sent to the Moulin du Thélon in Les Arcs for oil extraction by first cold pressing.

After a long period of standing, the oil was decanted in order to keep only the clearest oil. From then on, the decanting carried out, it was Anthony, our wine cellar master, who took charge of the bottling of our olive oils. As the winery is primarly wine-growing, we did not have the necessary machinery for mechanical bottling. It was therefore manual and it was Anthony who filled each of our bottles of olive oil by hand one by one.

Finally, it is our sales team : Marine, Indiana and Alex who labeled each bottle by hand. .

We can tell you : Our olive oil is made with love !

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