26/08 2019

The secrects of the Cuvée Tradition

If you know Château Saint-Pierre then you necessarily know our historic cuvée ! This is not yet the case ?! Here is an article dedicated to our Cuvée Tradition…

A Provencal cuvée since the 1940s

The origins of the estate date back to the 10th century and it is since the early 1900s that the vineyard has been part of the victor family : winegrower, and winemaker. Initially, the Château Saint-Pierre located at the foot of the Massif des Maures in Les Arcs sur Argens, was an orchard which only sold fruits and vegetables from its farm, in particular apples and melons. Its second activity, which was viticulture, allowed the estate to produce wine but only until vinification !

Yes, the vineyard did not yet market its own wine directly. this nectar was sold in large vats to traders or to the Arcs sur Argens cooperative cellar who themselves proceeded to the bottling and then the marketing of this unnamed cuvée !

From the orchard to the wine estate

It was finally in the 70s, when Jean Victor (father of the current owner Jean Philippe Victor) took over the domaine, that he decided to specialize in a specific sector of activity... 70s that you know the Château Saint-Pierre as a full-fldeged provencal wine estate !

A little anecdote : Jean Victor in 1970 understood that it was necessary to ferment at low temperature to obtain maximum aroma in his wines. At that time, temperature regulation was artisanal, so Jean Victor very often slept in the cellar, literally on his vats, in order to run cold water over them to cool them if necessary ! When we tell you that our wines are made with love and passion !

An unnamed bottle which becomes 50 years later : The Cuvée Tradition !

20 years during the nameless bottle is marketed in restaurants in the Var. This bottle, in the typically provencal shape (corset flute), cannot contain wines that only come from the Côtes de Provence. This is the reason why it is recognizable among a thousand around the wordl ! And how much appreciated by our American friends !

For a traditional and modern Provence

When Jean-Philippe Victor, current owner-producer-harvester and son of Jean Victor, takes over the vineyard, he wishes to preserve the history of his ancestors while modernizing the Château. he therefore developed a place of sale in the estate and broadened the range of his wines in order to satisfy the tastes of new wine consumers. In 1990, therefore, he baptized this unnamed cuvée the "Tradition" Cuvée in order to reflect and honor the history of 4 generations of winegrowers harvesters from Les Arcs.

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