20/09 2019

Once upon a time ... The cuvée Prieur

"The is more philosophy in a bottle of wine than in books". Each of our cuvées is made with passion and love, each of them has a story to tell... Stories that you will discover in our blog. After havins described The anecdotes of the unnamed bottle of Château Saint-Pierre, here is that of a cuvée that honors the history of our winery !

The story of an estate rooted in Provence

We have known the history of the Château since the 1st generation winemaker's takeover of the Victor family in 1902. But what we have discovered goes far beyond the simple fact that our winery had once been an orchard...

As you know (or not), the origins of Château Saint-Pierre go back to the 11th century. It was during renovation work on the estate in the 90s that we discovered the remains of an old priory.

After doing some research and calling on a historian, we enrich the history of our vineyard. The Château Saint Pierre was, since the 11th century, a monastery under the dependence of Saint-Victor abbey of Marseille ! It is through research that we discover ancient texts making the link between « The Victorin priory Saint-Pierre » and our current vineyard.

The remains of the Victorin Priory Saint-Pierre which has become a provencal winery

The priory is built at the level of the pars urbana of a Gallo-Roman villa. This villa, which followed an occupation at the end of the 1st century BC, was abandoned in the 5th century AD. The presence of marble and mosaic tesserae evoke the richness of this former establishment.

The territory of Les Arcs appears in written documentation from 909. In the first half of the 11th century, this place, which is now designated by the castrum, was owned by the Salernes family. Foukque, member of lineage bears the title of Lord of Les Arcs. In 1045, this character, along with his brothers, handed over the Saint-Pierre church to the Saint-Victor abbey in Marseille.

Initially a place of worship, this former priory was sold and then resold and underwent strong architectural modifications until it became private property where the land became an orchard and wine estate. The church is currently undergoing major changes. It is included in our farm buildings and transformed into living quarters where generations of the Victor family have lived since the 1900s.

The Cuvée Prieur wines in AOP Côtes was therebefore created in 90s by Mr. Victor Jean Philippe in order to honor the history of our estate. Come and discover this cuvée in red, rosé and white whine where the wines are aged in oak barrels to give them character and power.

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