Château Saint-Pierre

Grand cru wines Ctes de Provence

Ros 2017 - AOC Cotes de Provence - Cuve Tradition - 6,10 €

Typically Provençal, it remains a benchmark. The white wine offers up wonderfully intense floral aromas, the rosé is very fruity and the red still supple and easy to drink.

Ros 2016 - AOC Ctes de Provence - Cuve Marie - 8,20 €

This fresh, tender wine owes its origins to the careful choice of terroir and the use of the latest vinification technologies

Ros 2017 - AOC Ctes de Provence - Cuve Prieur - 9,10 €

These products are either vinified or aged in oak barrels, making them silky, fleshy and full. The perfect accompaniment for gourmet fare. Will please even the most demanding palate.

Ros 2017 - AOC Ctes de Provence - Cuve Baptiste - 10,00 €

Delectable abd aromatic wine that will delight all your meals.